Polimatrix is proud to introduce a unique Lab-Flo non-corrosive range of laboratory furniture.

The Lab-Flo Series of laboratory Furniture feature an all-Polypropylene construction which makes them ideal for Laboratory and Industrial applications where a high level of cleanliness and/or superior corrosion resistance is required.

The specially formulated White Polypropylene is suited to chemical applications and clean room environments. This material has the following features:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance across a broad range of media
  • Highly stable with no effect on purity of test samples/specimens
  • Resists fading. The slight blue tint ensures the material “fades” to crisp white and not a disappointing off-white.
  • Excellent performance under artificial light for personnel comfort
  • Perfect for high purity clean lab applications
  • Units can be made according to the client’s requirements.

 Main areas of Application:

  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Industrial laboratories
  • School and University laboratories
  • Metal sampling clean labs
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Chemical Storage Cabinets
  • Precious Metal and Diamond Processing plants
  • Main Features
  • Models
  • Basic Dimensions
Main Features
  • Full Polypropylene construction.
  • Fully welded seams and joints.
  • Available in solid base, pedestal, mobile or suspended mounting options.
  • Unique all Polypropylene drawer rail system.
  • Polypropylene lockable drawer latches.
  • Proprietary corrosion resistant hidden hinge system.
  • Polypropylene door handles. Standard polypropylene lockable push-button latches or heavy duty turn-to-open latches.
  • Available with or without work surface. Work surface available in various materials.
  • Internal lipped shelves.
  • Optional Fume Extraction connection.

Lab-Flo Furniture units are available with various support options

  • Solid Base
  • Pedestal Base
  • Mobile Castors
  • Suspended System: Furniture units suspended from powder coated steel frame system

Lab-Flo Basin units Polypropylene Basin units are offered in the following configurations

  • Solid fabricated Polypropylene Basin units with integral work surface
  • Polypropylene moulded Basin units inserted into work surface
  • Vulcathene drainage systems
  • Lab grade faucets
  • Under-counter neutralization system (optional)
Basic Dimensions


Floor Cabinet & Steel Stands:

Height: 900mm

Width: 500 / 1000 / 1500mm

Depth: 450mm

Wall Mount Cabinet:

Height: 700mm

Width: 500 / 1000 / 1500mm

Depth: 300mm

Custom sizes available on request for all Lab-Flo furniture.

Lab-Flo Furniture Range



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