Polimatrix SA cc specializes in the design, manufacture, sales and supply of Equipment and Plant constructed in various Engineering Plastic materials.

Polimatrix was established in 2005 to provide a high end capability in the field of plastic engineering to service the ever increasing needs of the mineral processing and chemical industries.

In 2008 Polimatrix recognised the need to provide the laboratory industry with a corrosion proof range of fume cabinets and furniture for wet chemical and teaching laboratories. A range of polypropylene fume hoods/cabinets and laboratory cupboards was developed and launched in 2008. This range has been expanded to include laminar flow cabinets and combination laminar flow fume extraction cabinets.

In 2010 Polimatrix was appointed as a Colasit partner for the Southern African region. The Colasit plastic fan range has long been regarded as the world benchmark for plastic fans and with a range up to 100’000m3/h provides an excellent complement to the high end plastic engineering solutions offered by Polimatrix.


Total Supply

Polimatrix builds all plastic interior clean labs on behalf of the CSIR for Agulhas II oceanographic research vessel. Total supply includes: Class100 Clean Labs 1 x Sample Prep Lab 1 x Sample Treatment Lab 1 xRefrigerated Chem Lab 1 x C14 Lab All 4 containerised labs built for Antarctic conditions When not at sea the […]


Plastic Fabrication

Acid Storage Tanks, Effluent Tanks, Plating baths, Reactors, Digesters, Launders etc.

X-Flo Fume Cabinets

An all plastic range of fume cabinets for chemical laboratories

Gas Scrubbers

Vertical and Horizontal gas scrubbers for industrial and laboratory applications

Colasit Fans

The world’s best fans for corrosive industrial and laboratory applications