Polimatrix is proud to introduce the unique X-Flo Series of laboratory fume cabinets

The X-Flo Series of laboratory Fume Cabinets feature an all-Polypropylene construction which makes them ideal for Laboratory and Industrial applications where a broad range of corrosive media are present both in and outside of the fume cabinet.

The specially formulated White Polypropylene which is used has been developed for laboratory applications.

This material has the following features:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance across a broad range of media.
  • Highly stable with no effect on purity of laboratory test samples/specimens
  • Resists fading. The slight blue tint ensures the material “fades” to crisp white and not a disappointing off-white.
  • Excellent performance under artificial light for personnel comfort
  • Perfect for high purity clean lab applications

Main areas of application:

Chemical Laboratories

Industrial Laboratories

School & University Laboratories

Metal Sampling Clean Labs

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  • Basic Dimensions
Main Features
  • Full Polypropylene construction
  • Fully welded seams and joints
  • Available with various base options (see below)
  • LED light in fully sealed enclosure
  • Thermoplastic sash guide rail system with sash stops
  • Unique front removable sash arrangement
  • Sash available in glass or polycarbonate
  • Counterweight sash system featuring proprietary UHMWPE pulleys with encapsulated bearings and plastic encapsulated cable
  • Standard with seal welded Polypropylene work surface
  • Detachable rear air diffuser/foil for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Recessed duct connection
  • Services panel on left and right side
  • Add-air option available
  • Air flow monitors and controllers can be fitted upon request
  • Raised front lip to prevent spillages
  • Designed to meet international standards for fume cabinets
  • Optimum performance at average face velocity of 0.45m/s to 0.6m/s
  • Electrical panel with earth leakage and breakers for power sockets, light and other electrical services as required
  • Full range of laboratory front control valves and nozzles per customer requirement

X-Flo Fume Cabinets are available with various base options

X-Flo….C: Counter top – no additional support base

X-Flo…PS: White powder coated steel support stand with adjustable feet

X-Flo…BCS: Polypropylene base cabinet with sliding doors, lipped shelf and integrated extraction

X-Flo…BCH: Polypropylene base cabinet with hinged lockable doors, lipped shelf and integrated extraction

X-Flo…PSC: Suspended polypropylene cabinets fitted to powder coated steel support stand

X-Flo…PST: Removable trays for powder coated steel support stand

X-Flo …. Z: Custom polypropylene base units with basins and special internal configurations

  • Lab Valves
  • Heat Shields
  • Equipment Mounting Grids
  • Airflow Controller
Basic Dimensions


Support Base Height: 860mm

Fume Cabinet height without base: 1500mm

Maximum outside depth: 720mm

Inside depth of work surface: 650mm (Custom extra depth work surface available)

Maximum sash opening height: 750mm

Sash working height: 500mm and 300mm

Sash stops height: 50mm

SASH DIMENSIONS – all are 700mm high

X-Flo 1200: Width 1200mm, Sash width 900mm

X-Flo 1500: Width 1500mm, Sash width 1200mm

X-Flo 1800: Width 1800mm, Sash width 1500mm

X-Flo 2000: Width 1800mm, Sash width 1 700mm

X-Flo 2500: Width 2500mm, Sash width 2 x 1050mm



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