H-Flo  Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinets are available in various mounting configurations from 1200mm wide to 1800mm wide and special custom designed units up to 4000mm wide can be made on request.

H-Flo-R: Rear mounted filter providing non-recycling laminar flow from the back toward the front:

  • This configuration has no front sash.
  • The service panel is situated on either the left or right hand side depending on the client’s preference.
  • Suitable for a clean environment not requiring containment.

H-Flo-C: Side mounted filter providing a cross-flow re-cycling configuration in a contained environment:

  • Fitted with horizontal clear sliding sash panels which are 10mm thick for rigidity.
  • There is a service panel on both left hand and right hand sides.
  • An additional filter is installed on the recycling side.
  • Small amounts of air are bled off through a filter system and replaced with fresh clean air which is drawn in through the pre-filter.
  • These units are for specific applications requiring clean laminar flow air in a contained environment.
  • For certain applications glove ports and bio filters are also fitted.
  • Main Features
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  • Basic Dimensions
Main Features
  • Full Polypropylene construction.
  • Fully welded seams and joints.
  • Available with various base options (see below).
  • LED or Fluorescent light in flush fully sealed enclosure.
  • Standard with seal welded Polypropylene work surface.
  • Air is drawn from the room into the fan plenum through a pre-filter and is then discharged into the filter plenum. The air in the positively pressured filter plenum passes through an H-14 HEPA filter and clean filtered laminar flow air is directed across the work surface.
  • A Mini-Helic gauge indicates the pressure drop across this filter arrangement.
  • The HEPA filter is accessible from the inside of the H-Flo unit.
  • The pre-filter is accessible from the top of the H-Flo unit.
  • Standard with seal welded Polypropylene work surface.
  • A unique 230V/110V centrifugal fan with built in variable speed adjustment is connected to a TEL Air flow controller. The TEL controller adjusts fan speed automatically to remain within the desired optimum operating range.
  • Raised front lip to prevent spillages.
  • Electrical panel with earth leakage and breakers for power sockets, light and other electrical services as required

Laminar Flow Cabinets are available with various base options:

H-Flo….C: Counter top – no additional support base.

H-Flo…PS: White powder coated steel support stand with adjustable feet.

H-Flo…BCS: Polypropylene base cabinet with sliding doors, lipped shelf and optional extraction.

H-Flo…BCH: Polypropylene base cabinet with hinged lockable doors, lipped shelf and optional extraction.

H-Flo…PSC: Suspended polypropylene cabinets fitted to powder coated steel support stand.

H-Flo…PST: Removable trays for powder coated steel support stand.

H-Flo …. Z: Custom polypropylene base units with basins and special internal configurations

  • Lab Valves
  • Heat Shields
  • Airflow Controller
Basic Dimensions


Support Base Height: 860mm

Laminar Flow Cabinet height without base: 1500mm

Maximum outside depth: 720mm

Inside depth of work surface: 500mm to 680mm

Maximum sash opening height: 750mm / 900mm

Sash working height: 500mm and 355mm or full

Sash stop height (Combi-flo only): 50mm

Laminar Flow Cabinet Width: from 800mm to 3000mm



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