Since 2005 Polimatrix has specialised in providing our clients with the option of custom designed equipment.

Most custom designed equipment is for use in one-off applications. These applications require a unique understanding of the various engineering plastic materials, solid design experience and an intuitive understanding of the practical application of the equipment.

Open and honest communication with our clients ensures that there is a full understanding of what is expected and what can be achieved.

Such projects are uniquely challenging but in the end very rewarding for both the client and Polimatrix.

Our custom designed items of equipment include:
  • Zero hang-up valves
  • Chemical Tank washing sprays
  • 4m Vertical laminar flow sampling units
  • Medium Pressure Bifurcated fans
  • Multi-port index valves
  • Automated filters
Some of our custom designed equipment may include:
  • Prototype development
  • Bench-top pilot test units
  • Designs to solve unique process applications
  • Special application of plastic materials



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