ACIDTEK Flange Covers

ACIDTEK Flange Covers have been protecting personnel and equipment from exposure to dangerous chemical spray-out on pressurized chemical pipe systems for more than 15years

Available in sizes from 15NB upwards and for flange specs SANS, DIN, BS, and ANSI (150lb and 300lb)

ACIDTEK Flange covers have a number of unique features:

  1. 1.     Strap and buckle fitting system
  2. 2.     Specific to each flange size – ensures a snug fit every time
  3. 3.     Flexible materials: PVC reinforced, Clear PVC, PTFE reinforced, Glass mat and various combinations of these
  4. 4.     Litmus indicator patches are available on request
  5. 5.     Colour bands are available on request
  6. 6.     Fast turn-around times

ACIDTEK 1000 and 1002 series

Black flame-retardant reinforced flexible PVC. For acids and bases up to 70degrees Celsius

ACIDTEK 1007 series

Clear flexible stabilised PVC. For acids and bases up to 60degrees Celsius

ACIDTEK 5000 Series

Black flexible PTFE glass fibre reinforced. For chemicals up to 200degrees Celsius

ACIDTEK 5001 and 5002 series

Black flexible PTFE glass fibre reinforced with membrane shield. For chemicals up to 350degrees Celsius

Special valve and equipment covers can be manufactured to suit each client’s specific requirements