The Primary Market is the Chemical and Mineral Processing Industry including Acid Storage facilities and Industrial Chemical Laboratories.


Polimatrix was established in 2005 to provide a high end capability in the field of plastic engineering to service the ever increasing and challenging needs of the mineral processing and chemical industries. We recognized that pressure from the global market would force many industrial sectors to seek higher efficiency processes with lower environmental impact and that the application of engineering plastics would be a key component of this trend.

The partners have a combined 75 years experience in the engineering industry with specific focus on project management, design, plastic and stainless steel fabrication and pilot plant construction.


Polimatrix has in-house 3D CAD design capabilities with specific focus on plastics.

Welders receive intensive in-house training and are certified by a 3rd party Inspection Company. Certain welders receive further international training in specific welding methods.

Fully trained CNC welders & CNC operators.

Fully trained site personnel capable of handling complex installation while complying to required safety standards.

Latest Technology & Tools

We have the latest technology CNC cutting equipment to ensure high precision fit. 90% of all cutting is done on one of four CNC Routers.

Polimatrix also has 2 Hertz sheet welding machines. One of the machines has a specially developed element and hydraulics enabling it to weld special materials such as ECTFE.

Both Machines have a control unit with all welding parameters pre-loaded. The welding process is PLC controlled to ensure high levels of repeatability and quality weld reports are generated for each weld when required.

We have a specialized sheet bending that is also capable of fusing the bends.

The latest technology hot gas and extrusion welding equipment, including machines specially developed for use with Nitrogen gas, are used for fabrication.

A Nitrogen generator supplies constant high quality dry Nitrogen gas for the welding of specific materials such as ECTFE.



Polimatrix manufactures items in the following materials:

PVC-U, PVC-C, PE80, PE100, UHMWPE, PP-H, PP-s, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, PTFE, PET, Polycarbonate, Acrylics.