Small Process Plants

Polimatrix has many years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of small chemical and process plants. In addition to many years experience Polimatrix also utilises the latest 3D design software for detailed mechanical design. This affords the client the opportunity to easily visualise the final product, identify potential operational constraints and to optimise layouts for efficient and practical production.

Design and manufacture includes:

  • Flow Diagrams and P&ID
  • Steel platforms, walkways, supporting structures etc
  • Plastic vessels,
  • Piping design and detailing
  • Conveyor systems
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Plinth and bund detailing
  • Detailed and operational layouts

Small Chemical Plants can be designed to be individual stand alone, integrated, modular or containerized depending on the customer’s requirements. Polimatrix has 2000m² available area for pre-assembly and testing thus reducing site construction and commissioning time

Plants designed and manufactured by Polimatrix include:

  • Acid Neutralizing plants
  • Dilution and Mixing plants
  • Tank Farms
  • Metal treatment plants
  • Acid digestion plants for the diamond industry
  • Acid diamond polishing plants
  • …and many others

Pilot Plants

Polimatrix also has many years experience building Pilot plants for various corrosive chemical applications. Clients are assisted through various phases of the design.

Polimatrix provides experienced input in such areas as material selection, equipment and pump selection, sourcing of specialized items, instrumentation, P&ID review and detailing, mechanical layouts and detailing.

Pilot plants frequently require the design and manufacture of specialized items of equipment. Polimatrix has an excellent track record in designing and manufacturing these highly customised items in various corrosion resistant materials including combinations of plastic, GRP and steel. Information provided by the client from test bench level, laboratory level or even as low as concept level is applied and used to design and manufacture full functioning specialized items for various scale versions of pilot plant and which can be scaled up to full production size  once successful testing is complete

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