Colasit Fans

Polimatrix is proud to one of COLASIT’s international Partners

COLASIT is the world’s premier manufacturer of Plastic centrifugal fans for corrosive applications. COLASIT was established in 1944 and was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the potential for fabricating equipment in plastic. These pioneering efforts led to the development of the first COLASIT plastic centrifugal fan – the CMV (COLASIT Medium Ventilator) more than 50 years ago and COLASIT has been setting the world benchmark ever since.

COLASIT is constantly striving to improve the design and performance characteristics of their fans taking into account various factors such as energy efficiency, noise levels, longevity and industry needs. This has led to a comprehensive range of proven designs able to cater for air flow volumes from 40m3/h up to 130’000m3/h and static pressures right up to an impressive 7’000Pascal.

NOTE 1: There are no metal parts, bolts or screws in contact with the airstream thus ensuring the fan integrity is not compromised by corrosion

NOTE2: All impellers are Factory balanced to ensure optimum vibration free operation even as a replacement part

Fans are either Direct Drive, V-Belt Drive or Direct Drive with Frequency Inverter (VSD)

Accessories such as flexible duct connections, flanges, drain valves, shaft seals, vibration absorbers and splinter protection are available

Polimatrix keeps stock of the most common fan sizes from inlet diameter 125 to inlet diameter 400.

The most common COLASIT fan ranges are as follows:

  • CMVeco – medium pressure fans from size 125 up to 400
  • CMV – medium pressure fans from size 450 up to 1250
  • CMMV – medium high pressure fans from size 450 up to 1250
  • CHVN – High pressure fans from size 315 up to 1250
  • CHVS – Low volume high pressure fans size 63 up to 250
  • CRDV – In-line bifurcated fans from size 200 up to 315
  • Other fan types available: CMHV, CDVA, CHVS-D, CHVN-D


COLASIT fans are available in a range of plastic materials to suit even the most demanding applications

Casing material options:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene flame retardant
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene
  • PVDF
  • PP-el (Polypropylene electrically conductive) for ATEX

Impeller material options:

  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • PP-el (Polypropylene electrically conductive) for ATEX


COLASIT fans in most types and sizes are available in ATEX configuration for Zone 2 and Zone 1 applications

Polimatrix is also able to design, manufacture and install plastic duct systems and fume scrubbers and laboratory fume cabinets to provide clients with a total package or individual components as required

Please contact Polimatrix with your fan requirements and we will find the right solution for you