Container Laboratories

Polimatrix designs and manufactures various Containerised solutions where a special focus on corrosion resistance, chemical handling or clean room conditions are required.

Polimatrix has manufactured a number of highly sophisticated laboratories in a mobile containerised configuration according to the customer’s requirements

The mobile laboratories may include the following:

  • Container/ Fabricated shell
  • Electrical and plumbing,
  • Air conditioning
  • Air filtration and heating/cooling systems (such as in a clean room application)
  • Fume extraction
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Lab furniture
  • Fume cabinets, Laminar Flow cabinets, Ductless Fume cabinets etc.
  • Designs to solve unique lab specific applications
  • Special application of plastic materials for lab applications

Polimatrix has manufactured both standard and clean room laboratories such as the laboratory units employed on the Agulhas II Oceanographic Research vessel.

While standard laboratory units and equipment are also used Polimatrix specialises in the design and application of ultra durable corrosion resistant plastic furniture, equipment and ventilation systems for such laboratories

Mobile mineral sample analysis labs for mineral processing facilities have also been constructed according to client specifications

Open and honest communication with our clients ensures that there is a full understanding of what is expected and what can be achieved

Such projects are uniquely challenging but in the end very rewarding for both the client and Polimatrix

Contact Polimatrix to discuss your unique requirements and we will gladly assist you